Masha Lozhnikova


My ideas come to life, my design works..
A couple of facts about me:

The process of work itself is a great moment for me, and the money and success are secondary. I really like what I do, because web design provides an opportunity to create, to make real and share the things that originally seemed impossible.

About web design:

I am a web designer, and I am a HAPPY PERSON! Why? Just because I'am blessed to do the job that I love! For 7 years of work as a designer I gathered a decent amount of knowledge and experience that allow me to excel in what I do. The work takes up an important part of my life, and I dedicate myself completely to every new project.

And beside that..

Along with web design I do graphic design, interior design, work with photos and illustrations, and draw, just draw. Mostly in "nude" style..I draw for myself, not for money or public, because it gives a sense of peace. Creation is an essential part of me..

About professional growth:

I constantly develop my skills and try to improve my creative thinking, stay tuned for anything new in design, try to master new approaches, analyse the work of my colleagues, appreciate their suggestions. Additionally, I receive invaluable experience by participating in contests and art shows.