Event Projects

Customer: Appollo production


Implementation of client needs in shortest terms, for brand exhibitions and events.



Fanta is a software, which makes it possible to shoot five-second video clips, where people express their emotions and send shoots to the big screen. Video clips are being glued together into the animation collage .
CocaCola is a device for unique T-shirts creating and instant printing.
Levis is a web application for branded event to study the needs of the target audience. This app promoted the brand .
Wild Turkey is a design project for Russian branded event.
Bud: we have created the unique test application design. This app was being used at the branded "BUD" company events.
Sprite: our designers have created the unique user interface for photo booth, which imposes a thematic stickers on the real photo using a specific software. You can print photoshoots using Sprite effects!



Developed interfaces and programs are being successfully used at the companies branded events.


Project type

Design, desktop, web-application


The major modules

  1. Design
  2. Website layout
  3. User interfaces
  4. Illustrations design


  • WPF
  • JS
  • XAML
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • API Canon
  • C++