I am dealer

Internal Konig Labs product
Software sphere: commerce

About I am Dealer

I am Dealer is an application which helps business to increase revenue by expanding its dealer network. .



This e-commerce application for B2B market is designed to work on different mobile devices: phones and tablets (Android, iOS and Windows). I am Dealer is based on Virto Сommerce platform and built on Xamarin platform with use of IoC, Azure and other technologies. I am Dealer app is created for painless start of business. Moreover, entrepreneurs who wish to increase their online store assortment can get it by a simple search of new suppliers. It also allows seller to make offline sales directly to the customer.



The product is tested by users,we are planning to expand its functionality.


Project type

e-commerce startup, mobile application


The main modules

  1. Cart
  2. Customer (user) profile
  3. Catalog
  4. Product page
  5. Ordering and payment


  • Xamarin
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SQLite
  • Virto Commerce Platform