Customer: Hassan Said
Entrepreneur at One page.Inc
Melbourne Area, Australia
Software sphere: Projects management


Our team was faced with the task of creating Project managers web-portal. This app should enable to manage all resources during a projects development process.



We have created a project-management service MVP (Minimum Viable Product ). This tool is for the decision-makers who can undertake complex projects and ensure their success. It covers all stages from planning to management of the development team. Service is also able to predict risks, display relevant useful data. take control on team efficiency.



OnePage is now being tested by users. The customer decided to increase the product functionality because of the informative feedback. We are actively planning the development of the future system modules.


Project type



The major modules

  1. Project cost planning
  2. Project resource planning
  3. Monitoring the project development process
  4. Project Resource Management
  5. Visualization all data into graphs, diagrams and timelines


  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • Angular.js
  • web api 2
  • Microsoft SQL
  • core
  • TypeScript
  • Entity Framework
  • Gulp
  • jQuery